Monday, January 9, 2012

On August 8th – 11th 2011, Arrow had a successful art and music summer camp where we achieved a week of highly balanced and focused learning and development. The whole event was conducted here at our ARROW Centre on Pembroke St. Port of Spain.

The camp encompassed the practicing the ARROW Eight Hour Programme, a leading Literacy programme, with Brain Based learning methods; A math programme to cement foundational math concepts using the ARROWtm Learning System; Daily relaxing and creative art activities; Daily music and movement workshops; and a healthy breakfast to start each day’s activity.

Each child responded well to the ARROW Eight hour programme as they showed improvements in reading, spelling, self esteem, concentration, motivation and confidence. Pre assessments were given to determine each child’s accurate individual learning programme.

The art activities allowed the children to develop their creative thinking, self expression, emotional and communication skills.

The music and movement workshop allowed for vital rest and exercise periods, benefitting the body and brain to enhance learning and developing social, communication and emotional skills.

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